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Now, you can create an unlimited number of completely unique ebook covers, Software Boxes, DVD covers, CD covers, Notebook and Open Book Covers

… better than a graphic designer

eBook Cover Design Software is as easy

  1. Chose Your Template – With over 150 professionally designed templates or use your own template
  2. Edit Your Image – the built in 2D drawing tool lets you add text, images, special effects and much more.
  3. Create 3D Magic – In the 3D view you can rotate your cover to any angle and add effects such as shadows, light direction, floor reflection. Plus you can even add additional cameras to make your cover completely unique.

Even if you have never created an ecover before, eCover 3D will make you look like a pro.



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eCover 3D includes over 150 professionally designed templates. All you do is customise & brand them the way you like

… or create your own templates with our free graphics editor software

… The number one ecover software for over 10 years with over 40 awards

Design an ebook cover or software box to look the way you want, not the same as everybody else. The flexibility of this cover design software produces top quality ecovers. Create professional graphic designer quality ecovers with eCover 3D. Don’t have Fireworks or Photoshop. No problem. eCover 3D comes with its own image editing module where you can add text, images and create special effects to produce your own templates or modify any of the 150 pre-designed templates included with eCover 3D.

Next, the real fun starts in the 3D View where you can rotate your 3D image to any angle possible while adding shadow, camera, light direction, floor reflection and much more … all in real time!

Looking for unique cover design software? Very Exciting Special Effects You can make the page in the Open eBook Cover open and move to any angle you want … and you should see what you can do with the DVD and CD covers !

Create Professional Looking Covers If you are looking for a quality look, then eCover 3D is your answer. Make your product or software stand out in a class by itself. Pre-Designed Templates With over 150 professionally pre-designed templates all you have to do is add your text and you have a cover design to present your product.

Step-by-Step Video Help Not only does eCover 3D includes full help and support, you also get easy to follow training videos that will guide you every step of the way. Learn and Use eCover 3D Before You Buy Yes, that’s right! We are so confident that you’ll absolutely love eCover 3D so we will teach you how to make ecovers first, so download the fully functional free trial. It has every feature the full version has

1. Choose Your Template 2. Edit Your Cover 3. Create 3D Magic
Template Editor 2D Graphics Editor 3D Design Editor
3 Steps to Create a Cover
Now, you can choose from over 150 pre-designed professional templates for ebook covers, DVD & CD covers, notebooks, software boxes and open book covers … or use your own template.eCover 3D has a built-in graphics editor that lets you customize your ecover. Add text, special effects or import your own images onto your cover. In 3D Design mode you can customize the visualization settings for a unique 3D representation. You can set lights, camera position, cover orientation, background color, reflection settings and much more
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eCover 3D

Create an unlimited number of unique ebook covers, Software Boxes, DVD covers, CD covers, Notebook and Open Book Covers

  • Template Editor
  • 2D Graphics Editor
  • 3D Design Editor
  • Over 150 Free Templates

Platform: Windows 7, Vista, XP (All Windows)

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