Common Types of Vaping Devices and E-cigs

Common Types of Vaping Devices and E-cigs

For the past few years, vaping has seen substantial growth in popularity, with manufacturers busy over their heads I coming up with new devices to cater to the increasing demand. People are constantly asking us about the best vape mods.

This resulted in the creation of numerous different products that vary in terms of design and functionality, turning the marketplace into complete mayhem.

To help you with your decision making, check out the following common types of vaping devices and e-cigs for you to choose from.

Disposable E-cigs

These e-cigs are those that you might often see. These resemble normal cigarettes wherein a LED glows on the tip. You can find these types in supermarkets and petrol stations. These often come at reasonable prices. You can also purchase additional cartridges with budget-friendly prices.

This kind of device is a good starting point to let you get a feel of e-cigs. You simply open it up then suck on it in the same way you do a normal cigarette. Some disposable e-cigs are rechargeable and once these run out, you can just swap the cartridge on its tip.

The main concern with this type of device is the relatively short battery life that tends to run out fast. The vapor production and performance is short lasting and poor in general. There is also a need to replace the cartridge on a regular basis and are sometimes quite expensive. These issues can quickly add up, with most people opting for refillable e-cigs quite fast.

Their small size, however, is the biggest advantage of disposable e-cigs. If you are looking for something that looks like a cigarette and you think that this is the perfect one to suit your needs, you can easily find them in petrol stations and large supermarket chains.

Refillable E-cigs

The refillable e-cigs are the best type of electronic cigarette ideal for average users. This type of device allows you to refill it with ease with affordable e-liquid. Refillable e-cigs also perform great and offer long battery life. E-liquid also comes with a cheaper price as compared to disposable cartridges. You can also find thousands of exciting flavors for you to choose from and try.

With a refillable starter kit, you will be getting two e-cigs instead of a single one. Every time you charge the other, there is another one available. Their batteries also last relatively longer in between charging and these e-cigs can also work much better. These e-cigs offer more vapor, better flavor, and requires replacement not that often.

Advanced E-cigs

These e-cigs are more advanced models specifically meant for current users who want to get the highest level of performance from the device. You are also allowed to alter the power of the e-cig that creates vapor. There are also other features that you can expect from these devices. It is possible to measure the device’s measurement and use larger batteries to provide support for better power consumption.

In general, these devices are not meant for first-time users since it is normally advised to begin with a more basic kit prior to investing a bigger sum for an upgrade for advanced e-cigs.

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