Fishing For Walleye in Deep Clear Lakes That Never Freeze Over

Walleye tend to like cooler waters, and this is why they usually move to deeper waters during warmer weather. Slow trolling is one method that works great on these deep lakes, and anglers with electric trolling motors have an advantage here. There are many different types of rigs and setups that can be utilized in lakes that never freeze and are deep and clear. It reminds me of Lake Erie fishing charters we used to take in the summer.

Fishing for Walleye in deep clear lakes means adjusting to the patterns of the Walleye in these lakes. The fish may be found in water closer to the shores because the water in these lakes stays cooler. The waters never freeze though, making these lakes the perfect habitat for Walleye.

You can gain a big advantage in this type of water when you use bottom bouncers. Bottom bouncers, when used properly and with the right weight amount, can make a big difference on this type of deep water lake. Long lining with very small jigs, once again used with the right amount of weight to reach the proper depth level, can also help you have great success with Walleye. Live bait tends to be most effective in deep, clear lakes like these.

Look for underwater structures in deep lakes. Many times these structures attract baitfish, and where these fish are the Walleye will usually follow. In normal lakes the Walleye spend most of their days in the deeper waters staying cold, but with deep clear lakes that never freeze the water temperature through the entire lake normally stays cool.

This means that the Walleye can be anywhere in the lake. Using electronic devices can really help in locating the fish under the water, so that you have a head start before you even drop your line.

With these lakes a lot of the conventional Walleye wisdom should be discarded. If you are fishing one of these lakes and what normally will work just is not working, don’t be shy to try something different. Most of the tournament and pro anglers know that this is the secret to being a great Walleye fisherman. Be different and try using rigs and lures that may be a bit unconventional in the circumstances.

One tactic that may work and get a response is to vary your trolling speed. Stop and put the motor in neutral once in a while for a couple of minutes, and see what kind of response you get. Just like with other locations, what works on one day may not be as effective on another.